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Completed 8 month retox – time for detox

Hmmmm, I have never done a detox before.

I have read detox plans, skimmed books and recipes, I have had nice thoughts and day dreamed about it, but I have never actually done one.

I’m not sure I have ever given my body a rest before. My body needs a rest.

Around 8 months ago, I packed up my bags and I left my partner of 5 years. I moved into a moldy, damp flat and I set about destroying my liver. Gin and tonics and bottles of wine. Every night. Until January.

Waking up with a  hangover was normal. I accepted I was a groggy morning person, that mornings were stressful and I didn’t give it much thought. It didn’t bother me.

In January 2014 a clever marketing scheme of “dry january” popped up for alcohol concern. Hurrah! Just what my liver called for. Well I lasted 2 weeks, but during this two week period I found my long lost passion for drawing again. I engulfed myself in drawing mandalas, night after night, and without realising it I found it very meditating to sit down every night and draw. (It wasn’t until this week that I even realised I was meditating whilst drawing but I was totally lost in it, no other thoughts, my mind was clear the whole time. I have NEVER meditated before).

I was happy with that 2 week lame attempt but I quickly slipped back into my old routine of quite easily sinking a bottle of vino blanco to my self most evenings and with the booze I lost the mandala drawing. This carried on for the next few months.

In April I went away for 3 weeks in Thailand with my four year old daughter and my friend and her six year old daughter. I barely touched a drop of alcohol (compared to at home). We had around 2 nights when we had childcare that we got a bit tipsy on beers and other wise I was just not interested.

I had the best time. I felt great, happy, vibrant. I spent long lazy days with my daughter, bouncing (?!) out of bed, filling our days with exploring, swimming and eating. I didn’t miss the booze, or the cigs (I’m a smoker too) and I couldn’t believe how easy it was.

It is now May. I have been back for 3 weeks. The first week home I was miserable. Then the second week I received a tax refund (woo hoo!) and that enabled me to pay off most of my 2 horrible debts I owed. I had a little leftover and felt a little comfortable financially and let myself breathe and relax.

Whilst scrolling my Facebook news feed one day not long after, I noticed a friend had posted a review of a local health coach and was raving about a detox she had followed earlier on in the year. It wasn’t about the weight she lost, it was about how great she felt. I still had some tax money burning a hole in my pocket so I decided to look into what programs she offered.

On Jennifer’s web page,, I found I was just in time for a reduced price spring detox. QUICK, TAKE MY MONEY, i thought. This is what I need. If I commit money to the cause then (sadly) I will be more determined.

So I am preparing myself. I have been trying to quit the caffeine for the past week. It has been hard but today (Friday) is my first full day with out caffeine. Yey for me! I had limited myself to one cup of coffee or tea per day from Sunday so I think I have done quite well! The week before I would easily have a morning coffee with 2 shots of espresso then followed with about 6-8 cups of instant coffee and tea during the working day, wow, it definitely opened my eyes when I sat back and thought about what I was putting in my body!

I am starting the detox on Sunday. If I am not too slack I shall update this page with some progress. I have a fridge full of food to talk about and a rediscovered passion for cooking and general life again.

I haven’t even started but I am already so happy and feel cleansed.

Life can be funny like that.

L x